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I would love to do a reading for your bookstore or reading series, meet with your book group, be a guest at your writing conference, or talk with writing students in your classroom. I'm also glad to hear from people interested in hiring an editor for their manuscript. And of course, I'm always interested to hear what you think about Museum of the Americas!


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About Me


I'm the Creative Director of Writers for Recovery, a series of writers’ workshops helping people overcome addiction. My fiction has been published in a number of national literary magazines, including The Chicago Quarterly Review, The Florida Review, and Washington Square. My short story collection Museum of the Americas was published in 2014 by Burlington’s Fomite Press—an awesome indie publisher. I occasionally write about music for Seven Days, Vermont's weekly arts and culture newspaper. I also do a lot of writing for kids—I've covered everything from burrowing owls to robotic dinousaurs, wireless technology to wolves, and interviewed stunt pilots, Civil Rights pioneers, oceanographers, and rocket scientists. I've co-produced two documentary films, and been nominated for a New England Emmy Award for documentary scriptwriting at WGBH/PSB Boston. I've won a Best Educational Product Award from the Massachusetts Interactive Multimedia Council, been nominated for a Pushcart Prize in Fiction, and been named a finalist in the James Jones Novel Fellowship Contest. When I'm not writing, you can find me kayaking or fly fishing on the rivers of Vermont. Unless it's too cold.