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I would love to do a reading for your bookstore or reading series, meet with your book group, be a guest at your writing conference, or talk with writing students in your classroom. I'm also glad to hear from people interested in hiring an editor for their manuscript. And of course, I'm always interested to hear what you think about Museum of the Americas!


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Book Editing

If you're a fiction or nonfiction writer working to publish a book—either on your own or with a publisher—my editing skills can help you take your manuscript from rough draft to finished copy.

As a freelance nonfiction writer with 20 years experience, I can get up to speed on complicated topics very quickly and help you shape them into a manuscript that creates that perfect balance between presentation of information and reader engagement. If fiction is your pursuit, I can sharpen your manuscript while giving you tools that can help not only your current projects but your future ones. In all of my editing work, I focus on collaboration and constructive critique. It's your book, not mine, and I want you to be happy with the end result. 

I also provide writers with the support they need to help find an agent, seek a publisher, self-publish a book, and promote a book once it's published. I generally work on an hourly basis, but am willing to consider project proposals, and can provide references from extremely satisfied clients upon request. 


My recent work includes Kamal Y. Azari's Axis of Hope, which Kirkus Reviews called a timely, serious and original contribution to one of the most pressing politics debates of our time," and Craig B. Snyder's Secret History of the Ollie, winner of a 2015 Boston Book Builders Award.