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Secret History of the Ollie Wins Big at the New England Book Show

Gary Miller

Craig Snyder's Secret History of the Ollie is really starting to catch fire. Last week, it hit the big time at the 58th annual New England Book Show, where it won Best of Category for illustrated trade books. That was no small feat, considering the stiff competition, which included books from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and MIT Press.

The Book Show recognizes excellence in publishing, with a heavy emphasis on graphic design. In that regard, Craig couldn't have picked a better team: Matt Kanaracus and Karen LeDuc of CoDesign. The four of us have worked together literally for decades, and we've said more than once that if clients would only let us do what we wanted to do, we'd get great results. This time, with Craig (a solid designer in his own right) as the team leader and client, we did it right.  

It was so great to hang our with Matt, Karen, and Craig. As a bonus, I got to run into some other old friends, too. Lianne Ames coordinated the production work on Gardener's Art Through the Ages, which won Best in Category for college print texts. And Lisa Rosowsky, who teaches graphic design, typography, and book design at Massachusetts College of Art, led the student team that designed the show's commemorative book. I also got to meet Sen Stanford of Quad Graphics, which printed the Ollie Book. He was a great guy, and he said Secret History of Ollie was one of the best projects he'd ever worked on. Ditto for me, and I hope this book breaks out and gets the attention it so well deserves.