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I Got a New Gig!

Gary Miller

For the past seven years, Vermont author Shelagh Shapiro has been producing Write the Book, a podcast series featuring in-depth interviews with authors, editors, illustrators, agents, and all sorts of other folks in the book world. She's done well over 300 episodes in all, with guests ranging from Vikram Chandra and Ann Patchett to Howard Norman and Natasha Saje. Write the Book is an amazing place for book folks to stretch out and talk at length about the art form they love, and the podcast has attracted listeners from all over the world.

A while back, Shelagh contacted me to ask if I might be interested in hosting some segments of the show. It took me about half a second to accept her offer, and today I'm headed out into the wild to interview my first guest. Sean Prentiss has written a fabulous book about his search for the hidden grave of author and environmental activist Edward Abbey. I can't wait to hear what Sean has to say about his book. And I'll share it with you on my first Write the Book podcast, coming out on June 1. It will be broadcast on 105.9 FM The Radiator in Burlington and will also be available in the Write the Book archive on Podbean.

June 1 is a month away, so if you're looking for some great audio interviews with book folks right now, why not head over to Write the Book and check it out. The current podcast features bestselling thriller writer Jennifer McMahon.