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Now Available: The Writing for Self Care Workshop

Gary Miller


For some time now, I've been observing some very positive results in my Writers for Recovery workshops. Simply put, people are successfully using writing to talk about and reduce their stress and focus on positive outcomes. Of course, my results are anecdotal. So I've also been researching some of the science behind writing for stress reduction, and I'm finding that the support is there. It was perfect timing, then, when Hannah Rose of the Vermont Association of Mental Health and Addiction Recovery called and asked if I'd be willing to develop and present a workshop called Writing for Self Care.

Last Saturday, with my worship ready for delivery, I headed down to the Lake Morey Resort for the 2015 Whole Health Leadership Retreat. Organized by Hannah Rose and her intrepid assistant Desirea Sicely, the retreat was designed to help addiction recovery service providers reduce stress so they could provide better care for the people they serve. Writing for Self Care was part of the package.

I've found that when you ask a random group of people to write about what they care about, the results are almost always amazing. The Writing for Self Care Workshop was no exception. The folks in the group dug in deep and shared some powerful, honest work More important, they learned how to use writing and journaling strategies to reduce stress in just a few minutes a day.

Now, I'm thinking this workshop might be ready for a bigger life. It can be put on with minimal space, time, and equipment constraints. And it can work for just about any organization in which people need to reduce their on-the-job stress. So, if you know of an organization that would like to bring the benefits of stress reduction through writing to its employees, give me a shout. Because who doesn't need to eliminate some stress?