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In Which Gary Learns The True Value of His Book

Gary Miller

So when I got my book published, I figured I would do a book tour. And what's that? Well, I thought, it's about taking your book places. In fact, I've discovered that the reverse is true. When you have a book out, it takes you places. And that's one of the best parts of being an author.

Friday evening, I headed over to the Madsonian Museum of Industrial Design in Waitsfield, Vermont, to give a reading. Dave and Stefanie at the museum and Rick from Tempest Book Shop had really worked hard to set up a great night, and it could't have turned out better. Some really wonderful folks turned out to hear me read. Some even bought my book, one copy of which is now headed for Australia. 

The event was great, but it's the little things I didn't expect that made the evening worthwhile. Such as? Such as Rick from Tempest Books walking me through the design of one of the model trains in the museum and sharing what it was like to cross the country in the observation car of a streamline train during the glory days of railroad travel. Such as Stefanie sharing her stories of owning a restaurant in Amherst, MA, and telling me the REAL story behind Marie Antoinette's exclamation  "Let them eat cake." Such as Dave and Stefanie inviting me to dinner with a wonderful group of friends at the Pitcher Inn in Warren, and Dave, who designed the inn, taking us on an impromptu and informative tour of its amazing wine cellar.

Without my book, none of this would have happened. It might not be a million seller, but it's changing my life.