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I would love to do a reading for your bookstore or reading series, meet with your book group, be a guest at your writing conference, or talk with writing students in your classroom. I'm also glad to hear from people interested in hiring an editor for their manuscript. And of course, I'm always interested to hear what you think about Museum of the Americas!


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Out, But Not Down.

Gary Miller

It's a burrito joint AND a reading space.

It's a burrito joint AND a reading space.

I had done my work to prep for last night's reading at the Next Chapter Bookstore in Barre. I sent out the press releases. I made the phone calls and personal appeals. I posted on the FB. I tweeted. And when I arrived at my destination last evening, there were some really wonderful folks there to greet me. The only problem? One of them WAS NOT the bookstore owner. 

Locked out of the venue, we began to explore options. Obviously, tossing a rock through the window would draw and even bigger crowd, but it wasn't the solution. A street reading seemed edgy, but traffic created a noise problem. Ron Thompson checked out the Two Loco Guys Burrito Joint next door. They had cafe tables and chairs sitting unused in their lobby, and were glad to let us use them. Phayvanh Luekhamhan put a sign on the bookstore door informing them that the reading venue had changed. We were in business.

OK, it felt a little odd at first, but we had more than a little of that ol' can-do Vermont spirit working for us, and it turned out great. I read part of the story Museum of the Americas, then took some questions from the audience. And I gladly signed some books for what I hope will be new fans. It was a great night despite the problems. Thanks, Vermont people, for being who you are. And thanks, Two Loco Guys, for giving me a place to do my thing.