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New York System Hot Weiners!

Gary Miller

(click image to navigate slideshow.) We just went on our annual vacation to Rhode Island. The beaches down there are beautiful, but as I do on all vacations, I was on the lookout for a different type of amusement: vintage neon and hand-painted signs. They have been an obsession of mine for many years, and I am always exited to find a new subject to shoot. 

While reading a Providence Journal article about historic preservation in Providence, I saw a shot of the majestic New York System Hot Weiners sign in the city's Olneyville neighborhood. And on our drive home, we dropped into Olneyville so I could shoot the sign. I am not a great shooter, but the light was great, and I captured the images you see here.

Even better, the Hot Weiner shop is still in business, offering its trademark dogs slathered in mustard, diced onion, and chili/burger sauce, along with fries, burgers, and Del's lemonade. Eli and I opted to split a special--two hots and fries with a Sprite, which we quickly devoured. The place was like walking into the 1950s, and included a chatty fry cook who told us the story of the time he almost hit it big at the horse track. 

All in all, it was fascinating Americana detour. Hope you enjoy the shots. And if you are ever in Providence, drop in for a hot weiner or two.