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By The Roadside, Rural New Hampshire

Gary Miller

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Yesterday I drove down to New Hampshire on the Interstate to meet with a book editing client. On the way back, I took the scenic route. As I was cruising along somewhere near New Boston, I passed a decrepit (and obviously closed) auto dealership with an old refurbished Mustang in the window. As I passed, I spotted a couple other cars scattered on the property, so I turned around and circled back. Kicking myself for not bringing my 35 MM camera with me, I took these shots on my iPhone.

I'm not sure what it is about decay that draws me. I think it has something to do with imagining the lives that have been lived before. Why are these cars where they are? Who owned them and this fallen-down barn and dusty shop where they're stored? What lives were lived in them, and who did they serve? This is the kind of thing that really gets my imagination going, and why I love taking the back roads. It's also why Museum of the Americas is stuffed full of old Igloo-shaped tourist cabins, Ford LTDs, roadside museums, and fallen-down barns. It's also why I spend a fair amount of my spare time photographing old neon, old motels, and hand-painted signs. It's about lives passing, lives lived, and lives preserved in what is left behind. And I like it.